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[196] Three Completely Different Pictures.


Hi ya’ll. Today was good. I’ll show ya how good.

Fence decorating went perfectly, I had so much fun with the kids from PEACE (the kids I worked with last week doing photography).. It was nice to see some familiar faces. They were totally into the decorating and even asked if they could forgo the design I had pre-made and make their own. They did great! And…. it’s just about as good as my original :) Haha

Since I was at the park already, why not take a few shots of neighborhood boys playin’ bball? (If you know me at all, you know I like me a good bball game) So I asked if I could and, of course they started showing off, but you know what? I like when they show off, cuz I get to take some cool pictures.

And last but not least, who the heck knew downtown Syracuse had such stunning architectural details? Nope, not me. But I do now!

On another note: I GET TO SEE MY BEST FRIENDS TOMORROW!!!! FIRST TIME ALL 7 OF US HAVE BEEN TOGETHER SINCE THE SUMMER OF 2007!! I’ma lil’ excited. Can you tell? ;)


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  1. jill permalink
    07/29/2010 9:32 pm

    Three very different but amazing photos. It sounds like the fence is coming along wonderfully. Good teamwork!

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