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[184] Hot. Air. Balloons.


I’ve been waiting for this all my life. Not kidding.

We arose a little after the crack of dawn, splashed come cold water in our faces, and set off to see the hot air balloons. They were everywhere. My camera and I had a field day.

These guys yelled down to me and said “There’s a smiley face at the top of our balloon, take a picture of that!” So I did :)

All my hot air balloon dreams were fulfilled. Except that I didn’t get to ride in one. But I’ll do that another day.


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  1. Imani permalink
    07/19/2010 11:03 am

    oh! so many things i want to comment on.
    1. my FAVORITE is the one with the hot air balloon on the right corner. perfect.
    2. second favorite is the one with the reflection
    3. i love that people always talk to you when you´re taking photos.
    4. you´re officially my 365 photo project hero. i cant wait to start mine..and be halfway as cool as YOU
    5. about the blog post before this.. i LOVE kate´s family. i´m jealous.
    6. about the blog post following this… i´ve been to my fair share of “illegal” places here in ecaudor to get a picture! loveeee it!

    i think thats it. byeeeeeeeee :)

  2. Tia permalink
    07/19/2010 2:08 pm

    Love your pics, Steph…esp like the reflection in the water. Glad you had a great day!! xoxo

  3. 08/18/2010 1:13 am

    the top picture is money!

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