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[179] A Day PACKED with Pictures.


Today was our first day teaching photography to the kids at the PEACE center in the Near Westside of Syracuse. We walked to the local park and on the way looked for letters in everyday objects and tried to find every letter in the alphabet. My favorite that I found was a Q in the vines of some grapes growing on a fence :) The kids found some really cool and creative letters too. I’m excited to go through all their pictures and see them all. It was so cute, when they found letters they’d yell out what letter they just found, so all morning we were hearing “I found a Q” “Here’s an F!” “Another T!” “I got a W!”, ect :) So cute.

Then the kids played in the park for a little while. It was pretty hot out so we didn’t stay for that long. I love this picture this adorable little girl (and I’ll be honest, I forget her name, but there were 22 kids, so I’m allowed to forget a few of their names).

Thennn… dun dun dunnn… I did a photo sesh with my first official client of This World Around You Photography! It was great. I was a little nervous, because we found each other on Craiglist and you just never know with that site, but Ryan was great and totally workin’ the camera. He wants to be a model for New York Fashion week in October [which by the way is like the biggest fashion event in the United States of America], so he is submitting a modeling portfolio really soon! Anyways, here’s one of my favorites!

Anyways, so that was my day.

OH!! And I saw STEPH APPLEBY! She’s been abroad in Italy for 7 weeks, so it was seriously delightful to see each other. :)


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  1. Tia permalink
    07/12/2010 8:19 pm

    congrats on your first official TWAY client!! That’s great.
    But do be careful…we’ve all heard of Craigslist nightmares..
    Kids must have been fun with the alaphabet game!!

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