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If there is a dear soul out there that wants to get me a subscription to JPG magazine, I wouldn’t hate you. I might even love you.

Here’s an extended list of random. If you’re not a fan of random, I suggest you stop reading, although I do think this is a pretty good list of random, if I do say so myself.

1. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, this insanely hot weather forces me to eat a lot of ice cubes. I’ve eaten at least 38 today (so far).

2. There were multiple times today when I saw people outside and wondered A) Why they were outside in this crazy heat and B) Why they weren’t guzzling ice cold water. Guys playing tennis, families on a tour of campus, girls walking downtown. Am I the only one out there that has to have ice cold water with me at all times? Am I insane for worrying about people I don’t know because they might not have water with them and could die of dehydration? Hmm..

3. I sat down with my sketchbook and actually thought about Com Design yesterday. Well, I doodled as I thought about thinking about Com Design. It counts.

4. Tomorrow afternoon we’re going to the beach and I’m bringing lemon juice along. Why? To spray in my hair so I can get some pretty highlights. It really works! And it smells good.

5. Jason Castro is a fave of mine (and not just because he has dreadlocks) This is a fantastically good song. And it reminds me of someone pretty cool.

6. My little lacrosse superstar sister has a lacrosse tournament in Baldwinsville this weekend, so my whole family is coming to the ‘Cuse! I haven’t seen them in almost a month, so I’m pretty excited. Duh.

7. OH MY GOSH why haven’t I mentioned this sooner?! Okay, so I know nothing about the NBA or how the draft works or whatever, but I do know that as of two Thursdays ago, Wes Johnson (coolest kid in town) is on the Timberwolves (along with the second coolest kid in town, Jonny Flynn) and Andy Rautins (my first SU basketball crush) is on the Knicks! I’ve never been a sports fan of any kind (oh wait, except Syracuse Basketball. And Michael Phelps), but I think I’m going to take a stab at being a fan of the Knicks and Timberwolves. Until my boys get traded to new teams, at least.

8. Here’s some more music for ya. Spanish guitar player Ottmar Leibert. I’ve has his CD since Christmas and I’m still wondering why it’s taken me this long to realize how good it is. If I could speak to Ottmar, this is what I would say: “Hola Ottmar! Why are you so good? Can you teach me to play like you? Do I really have to grow my fingernails that long? Oh, ok, well thanks for your help! P.S. I like your name.”

9. My boss is on vacation this week so I get to use his office. It’s luxury compared to the brick wall conference room with no windows.

10. I just realized a TON of my friends are world travelers. One of my best friends just got back from a month in Africa last week, one is in Norway visiting relatives right now and two are coming home from Italy really soon! And then there are a few in Peru, one in India, two in Senegal, one in Ecuador, one’s going to China soon, one’s been in Vietnam for two years, two are getting married in Nicaragua next month, a lot were in London last semester… Seriously. WORLD TRAVELERS. So cool.

11. Next week I’m helping out my professor Steve Mahan in the Near Westside neighborhood of Syracuse. Remember the class last year when we went to Fowler High and taught them photography skills? (Don’t remember? Click here) Well, we’re basically doing the same thing with the kids at the PEACE Center in the Near Westside for 4 days next week! I’m really excited. I love kids and photography, so put them together and I’m a happy girl. I can’t wait to see what the kids will do, too. They’re always so stinkin’ creative. Also, I might be taking pictures/portraits of people in the neighborhood for a Near Westside calendar. So fun!

12. You may or may not have noticed I’ve added a page up at the top of my blog: Life List. Check it out.

14. MAN! If you’ve gotten this far, you’re a trooper. I can be super talkative sometimes. Glad to assist you in your procrastination efforts =) Also: I didn’t skip number 13 by accident.


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  1. Imani permalink
    07/07/2010 11:37 am

    woo hooo. thanks for the shoutout.
    your a world traveler too, ya know! :)

  2. Tia permalink
    07/10/2010 2:58 pm

    Yeah, thanks for the help with procrastinating on cleaning the house….. :-) wow, lots of important info about my neicelet and her life. The Peace Center….I’m guessing that that may be where the Peace Calendar is produced every year since…????…..although it may be different since I think it is produced by the Syracuse Cultural Workers….
    Hope you have FUN with the fam this weekend!!!
    Yes, you are a world traveler too, but it is very cool that you know so many people who are expanding their horizons by traveling and living in different countries.
    Get to use your boss’s office!!! Hope it’s cooler than a windowless brick one…and glad you survived the heat. It’s still pretty humid here, but by Pickerel Pond in the basement, it’s not bad…
    alright, I guess I’ll get back to catching up on your pics and then maybe should get to vacuuming.

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