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[172] Back to Reality.


Today was a thousand trillion degrees. To survive in this kind of heat you have to do three things: 1) Eat ice cubes 2) Retreat to a place that is fortunate enough to have air conditioning (in our case, Wal-Mart) and 3) Stick your head in the freezer at least once. If you fail to do all three of these things, you risk the chance of melting. And since the weather is supposed to be this lovely all week long, me and my freezer are going to be really great friends.


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  1. Imani permalink
    07/06/2010 4:22 pm

    true story. my mom is offfcially a fan of your 365 day project. i referenced you on my last blog entry..and since she reads my blog she clicked on yours! here is our gchat conversation we had 5 minutes ago:

    Faith: Got caught up in looking at your friend Steph’s 365 photos. It is amazing! If I had the time, I would do that. Right now I can hardly find time to do the dishes much less take a phot every day!
    me: hahaha!
    me: i´m hoping to do it starting on my 21st birthday.
    me: so i can document everydayof my 21st year
    me: i´m glad you looked at her blog!

  2. Imani permalink
    07/06/2010 4:48 pm

    check out my lastest blog post.. because our conversation continued… she loves your photography!!!

  3. 07/06/2010 9:38 pm

    love it! and you!

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