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[158] Look Up, Look Down, Part 2.


Remember a few weeks ago when I showed you guys a diptych? Well, here’s another one for ya.


P.S Please keep David Camp’s family and friends in your prayers, as he went to be with the Lord early this morning.  My heart hurts for those who were close to him. We can only trust that God’s plan is perfect and we know that the Lord is a healer of broken hearts.

On the Facebook group for David, a young boy commented this and basically brought me to tears:

“I think that David is in heaven holding my baby brother liam’s hand because my baby brother had to go to heaven too, even though we prayed he wouldn’t have to but we have to let God decide when we get to go to hold his hand, because it is not up to us. I prayed really hard that David would get to stay with his mommy and daddy like people prayed that liam could stay with me and my mommy but God needs his angels and David and Liam are on his team of angels now. I bet they are all holding hands.”

Faith like a child.

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