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[121] Train Rides. [This entry gets a little “yearbooky” (yes, that’s a word) Sorry in advance]


The second picture of my 365 project was a picture from the train window on my way to Syracuse at the beginning of the semester. Today, the one-hundred twenty-first picture, is from the train window on the way back home to good ol’ New Hampsha, at the very end of the semester. This semester has been insane… in good ways and in bad ways. Insane as in I’ve never had more fun and insane as in I’ve never been more miserable. If you’ve been a part of my life this semester, thank you. You’re amazing. Thank you for keeping me going. I literally couldn’t make it through school without you. A few people in particular I want to give a shout out to:

My roommates/amazing friends Amanda, Kate, Katie, Keeta & Jess: You have been such a huge encouragement to me this whole year. Thank you for putting up with me sleeping on the couch, for already having coffee made at 7 am on Wednesdays when all I want to do is kill myself, for being role models by the way you live your lives for the Lord, for doing my dishes way too often, for hugging me when things are crappy and for dancing on the porch with me when things are great. You are all absolutely gorgeous and fun and I love you so much. 965 Lancaster is the place to be because of you guys. Everyone is jealous of us and they all know it, they just don’t want to admit it =)

Steph & Lisa: Ohmuhgawd I could not have made it through the semester with out you. I loved every single minute of all our four AM-ers, five-minute photo shoots, random adventures, TRM classes, & late-night Starbucks runs. Thank you for constantly driving me everywhere, for making me laugh, for protecting me from scary things like alcohol & bad typography, for “modeling”, for stealing pink flamingos and for sharing your life stories with me on a daily basis. I love you guys so stinkin’ much and you better go through with all those Skype dates you promised me while you’re in Italy!

Alysiie: I can’t even sum up into one paragraph how much you mean to me. Honestly, you are one of my favoritest people on earth. That being said, I can’t believe you’re leaving me, the last of the original lifegroupers, all by my lonesome to fend for myself senior year haha =) Thank you for sharing your love and enthusiasm about Jesus, for making sure every single conversation we have is encouraging, for getting me hooked on wedding photography, for constantly answering all the questions I have about cameras, lighting and everything photography in general, for getting so excited to talk about “Jasmine’s latest e-sesh” or “Ala’s new promo video”, and for being a really, really great friend. I love you! [P.S. Tell Dylan that he is really cool, because I know he never, ever looks at these pictures, so if I wrote something to him here he wouldn’t see it… haha =) No, but seriously Dylan, you’re really cool. Honestly.]

Nathaniel: Mmmm… I like you a lot. I also like kites and secret gardens and the smell of your cologne. I just want to say: Thanks for being awesome =)

My Equal Time ladies, Andrea & Jenna: I’ve never told you this [and I probably should have now that I look back on it] but I learned so much from working with you guys all semester on ET. Thank you for welcoming me into your Newhouse family, for teaching me the ropes, for giving me the Archer & Avenir font families [huge deal. madly in love with both], for trusting in me when I said “I can take a picture for that article.” [and for trusting me with your beloved mag in general], and just for being really fun to hang out with! I really had so much fun designing the mag with you and I’m going to miss you so much next semester! Congrats on graduating & good luck with everything you do!!

Annnndddd to everyone else: It’s been real. See you on Facebook.

Ummm, so I’m so tired of writing this. Goodnight.


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  1. 05/15/2010 11:37 pm

    ahhhh stephiie. :) you make me get all warm and fuzzy inside!! i love you, so so much. and your friendship truly means so much to me. :) please, please, pleeease visit houston. idk what i’ll do without you. :'(

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