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[80] Easter & Ithaca.


A) Happy Easter everyone! Hope everyone’s days were yummy & relaxing. I was at church today and while we were singing one of my favorite worship songs I realized something: There is something so satisfying about singing all the worship songs about Jesus rising from the dead on the actual day that Jesus rose from the dead. A line from my favorite song: “The empty cross, the empty grave, life Eternal, You have won the day; Celebrate, Jesus is alive!” That, my friends, pretty much sums Easter :)

B) After church my friend Steph picked me up and we road tripped it to Ithaca!! Things we may or may not have seen: a lawn full of tacky Easter decorations, snow still on the slopes at a ski resort, cows, farms, chess players that I really wanted to take a picture of but was too shy, lots of old records, stop signs, broccoli pizza, a horse sculpture made out of various car parts, a duck sculpture made out of various car parts, a spider, frat boys, a gas station, WATERFALLS! and other fun things, too. :) It was a good day.


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  1. Tia permalink
    04/06/2010 8:07 pm

    And we missed you!! But glad you had a good day Stephers.
    Duct tape project pic: Malik and I brought boxes and duct tape to your house and he and Meg made a kitty palace for your three kitties. Ours love the one we made them….they go in and out all the doors, chase each other, hang out in there. We have as much fun as they do when we dangle their favorite toys through “mouse holes” in the top…anyway, you get the idea!!
    Doggie: That little dog was pretty cute.
    PS Mira’s here for a quick visit and she says “hi”

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