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[68] Warehouse Wall.


Another five minute photo shoot with Lees & Steph. Love it.

People say the 365 project is supposed to teach me something… about myself, about photography, about whatever… so I’ve been thinking about what I’ve learned, noticed or realized over the past 68 days of doing this…

1. I can’t imagine a day without my camera. I can’t tell you how many times this semester I’ve said “I wish I had my camera!” and then remembered… Oh wait, I do! I love not missing anything, even the little things, like the shadows on a building outside my studio window or the colored pencils that got knocked off the desk and landed in an interesting pile on the ground. I was recently asked how many pictures I usually take in one day, and I think it’s anywhere between 5 and 20. That’s my average [and if something fun happens then obviously I’ll take more :) ]

2. I’m way more outgoing when I have my camera with me. Luckily cameras are conversation starters, so when I have mine, it’s an excuse to talk to people I normally wouldn’t [like that day I went to the skatepark… probably never would’ve done that before this project].

3. As I look through from the beginning ’till now, I see some trends in the ways I compose photos. I think that’s pretty cool, but it’s also making me rethink the way I take pictures so they don’t all come out lookin’ the same.

4. Andd…. that’s about it for today, but I’ll keep you updated :)


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  1. Melanie permalink
    03/24/2010 10:21 am

    I absolutely love this photo. Thanks for sharing your Project 365!

  2. 03/24/2010 5:24 pm

    Thanks so much! And you’re welcome! :)

  3. Tia permalink
    03/24/2010 8:13 pm

    I love the last 2 I’ve seen – the bottle looking down and this one…it’s so cool to read your perspective on how this project has changed you and the way you see/take pictures of…!!
    Love you lots.

  4. 04/03/2010 1:13 am

    thanks Tia, love you too!

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