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[62] St. Patty’s Day, Sunshine & Sargent.


Here’s a picture of Mike and Nathaniel, just chilling at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. :) (Sargent was the guy who painted the ceiling of the rotunda in the museum)

We had a fun day. It was soooooo sunny outside and everyone was wearing my favorite color because it’s the greatest color everrrr…. well, actually because it’s St. Patrick’s day. Andd… I saw Aubrey!! And Max!! And we got gelato and walked around Quincy Market, and had fun looking at mummies at the museum, and had an interesting conversation with an intoxicated college kid on the train ride home…

..Yeah. It was a good day.


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  1. Tia permalink
    03/18/2010 11:11 am

    WOW what a cool picture sounds like you had a great st paddy’s day in boston…wish i coulda come with you!!!
    love you lots.

  2. Kbear permalink
    03/19/2010 3:58 pm

    ahhh sounds like so much fun! so sad i missed it!

  3. 03/22/2010 6:55 pm

    this makes me confused!

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