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[54] Polkadots.


To celebrate the sunshine today, I’m wearing my red polka-dotted flats :)


Tuesday: The day after Monday and the day before Wednesday. Lucky for Tuesday that it isn’t Monday, because everyone hates Mondays. But unlucky for Tuesday that it isn’t Wednesday, the day everyone gets a little burst of hope because they can just begin to see the weekend in the distance… Tuesday: What a strange day.

Also: I’m going to encouraging you to click HERE and check out this incredible video project called “Handmade Nation” that this lady named Faythe Levine just completed. I saw the documentary last night and heard her talk a little about what she’s doing, which is bringing recognition to the amazing-ness of the indie craft world. It seriously fascinates me. Someday I’ll have time to be cool & crafty like those people!


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  1. Kate permalink
    03/09/2010 3:44 pm

    My first attempt at felt food

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