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[53] Yellow!

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It’s sunny outside, like reallyyyy sunny. Sunshine reminds me of the color yellow. Yellow is a fun color because it makes everyone happier. I noticed a lot of yellow today on my walk to school, including my friend Cara’s scarf! And it just so happened that Mandy was around to take pictures of us being awesome (Ok, so maybe we look a little silly, but that’s fine because it’s sunny outside and we do what we want).

Also: I think I have backwards seasonal depression, if there even is such a thing. Let me explain. It’s not like I get depressed when it’s rainy or snowy or “un-sunshiny” (like people with seasonal depression do) BUT, I get SO SO SO HAPPY when it’s sunny outside, which means I am doing things backwards… Does that make sense? I don’t make sense. Whatever.

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  1. 03/08/2010 10:20 pm

    i’m like that too! sometimes i just get really happy! yellow is almost as good as turquoise!

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