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[10] Blue Skies & Blackbirds.


(FYI, that’s not a blackbird, it’s a crow, but the word blackbird flowed more nicely with the rest of the title. I like alliteration. And crow is just an ugly word to begin with.)

I have a lot to write about.

First of all, I’m not going to lie… I actually took this picture yesterday and really wanted to post it, but obviously had to post a basketball picture yesterday (because, you know, I’m slightly obsessed), so I’m posting this one today instead. Get over it, I do what I want.

Next on the order of business: Thank you to my lovely Cortland friends who came to church in Syracuse today and then went out to lunch with us! It was amazing and I love you all so much <3 And I promise we’ll come to you sometime soon :)

Thirdly. I decided that today is a Rascal Flatts kind of afternoon. So that’s what me and the roomies are listening to. Because they do what I want, too.

And finally. I’m not in the mood to do work.

That’s all. Goodbye.


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