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K-town: In Pictures.

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Me and Taryn walked around Main Street for about an hour today, trying to take pictures that make our town look cooler than it really is. I mean, it’s cool. But you gotta know where to look. Oh, we know. :) Ha. Lindy’s Diner. Soooo good. :)

So this one time, elephants and rhinos and monkeys ran through my town. Remember, in the movie Jumanji? Yep. My town. My gazebo. My Main Street. This mural was also left from filming. It’s the sign for the shoe factory in the beginning of the movie. They needed a place to paint it, so they picked a wall on Main Street and my town decided not to get rid of it! Cool little piece of trivia for you. Hated that movie by the way.

Random deposit slots on the side of buildings. This one is one the side of the jeweler’s store. And the second one is on the side of the “big white church at the head of the square”, aka the First Congregational Church. Pretty safe to say no one uses these anymore. But they make a cool little decoration.

Sometimes balloons get stuck in trees. Just so I can take pics of them. Thanks, balloons.

Apparently my town likes Coca Cola. These two wall sign/mural/advertisements are on two completely opposite sides of Main Street. The first one is on a building right across from my old Middle School.

Not exactly sure what this little trolley guy is doing, but I like him.

Welcome to Keene.


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