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Weddings, Weddings, Weddings.



Me and Taryn took a road trip to Nashua to David’s Bridal and I tried on a few bridesmaid dresses and found one I liked! It’s great. It’s long and pretty… and has pockets. :) Taryn says it’s so I can hold the tissues when she’s crying at the alter haha :)

Also, my friend Kait got her wedding dress today. Here’s our AIM convo. (Yes, we still use AIM!)

Kait: i am soo overwhelmed! i didn’t even wanna buy a dress today.
Me: then why did you?!
Kait: because it’s stunning and on sale and the last in the store of it’s kind, and was my size… and the designer died so there’s no more after this.

HA! I love my best friends.

Oh yeah, and I’m just about done with the first drafts of Alyse’s invites! We’re gonna Skype soon and discuss.

I don’t know why I’m writing all this, but whatevs. It’s fun.

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