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The past 4 day’s I’ve been in Boston for the Campus Crusade Boston Winter Conference. Ummmm, it was so great. I went in wanting to learn and MAN! did God teach me a lot. Um.. Let’s seee.. I think I’m going to just post pictures on this post and then do another one just of stuff I learned.

Not the greatest pic, but this was one of the spontaneous worship jam sessions in the lobby. Can’t even begin to tell you how awesome it is to worship God with other college kids who you don’t know but you all have one common interest and that’s Jesus. It’s amazing!

Icicles. Lovely.

I had fun with these lanterns and this steeple. You’ll see what I mean.

Probably my most favoritest picture I’ve ever taken in my whole life and it wasn’t even planned. The little boy ran by and I decided I wanted a picture of him a few seconds later, and by that time he was already rounding the corner, but I took one anyways.

And one last fun one. This is supposed to be a group picture in the reflection of an ornament of the huge Christmas tree near Quincy market. Obviously you can’t tell who is who, or even that it has people in it, but we all decided it’s ok because in our hearts we know it’s us :)


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