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Sunshine, Palm Trees & Christmas Eve.



Second of all, I just want to thank God for protecting me, my sister and my two cousins from almost getting hit by three cars today. We were waiting to cross a busy street, and one car stopped for us. The car behind it also stopped, but the third car wasn’t paying attention and didn’t notice that the first two cars had stopped. It screeched to a stop and hit the second car which hit the first car which rolled out into the crosswalk, right where we were about to walk. Like, for real, thank GOD that we hadn’t started walking, because we would have been hit. The third car was full and the driver wasn’t moving so my sister went over to see if she was ok, and she kept moaning that her neck hurt, so I called 911 and 2 ambulances came and a bunch of police guys. Luckily, the three young kids (ages 5, 8 and 11) in the back of that car were ok and got out and sat on the sidewalk. I talked to them and they said they were driving home to LA (about a 20 minute drive). The young guy in the second car was ok, he got out and was walking around, and the older couple in the first car were fine too. Anyways, to make a long story short, the woman with the hurt neck got taken away in an ambulance, (praying that she’ll be ok) and I got questioned as a witness, and now my family is going to church, so I have to go with them. Merry Christmas Eve!


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