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This picture is sad and gloomy and wintry. I don’t like it. GOOD NEWS! I’m going to California in two days, which means in two days there will be fun, warm, yummy, summery, bright, sunshiny pictures to look at. I’m really excited. To take them and look at them afterward. Maybe we’ll go to Disneyland. That would be great.

Other stuff: I’m currently surrounded by everything and anything that has to do with weddings and I love it. My best friend from high school is getting married in June and I get to be in her wedding, so today I went over to her house (oh, a side note: we hadn’t seen each other for over a year before today because she lives in the middle of nowhere Illinois and isn’t home often, and when she IS home, I for some reason am not, so the fact that our paths met today was fabulous!) but anyways, I went to her house and saw her beautiful wedding dress and centerpieces and all the details and I’m so so so excited for June 12th! Also, a great friend from the ‘Cuse is getting married in June also, and oh-so-soooooon I’m going to be designing her wedding invites! I’m pretty pumped for that tooooo! Okieee, that’s all for now.


p.s. This is an addendum, I’m writing this two hours later::: I just got a nice little picture message on my phone of an ENGAGEMENT RING and a message saying “I’m engaged!” Whohooo, congrats Elaine! :) :)

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