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Things are HAPPENING! But not on this blog…

“This World Around You” is now a (very well loved) thing of the past. I’ve given my photo biz a huge facelift and am now operating at Stephanie Rita Photography.

Click the photo to check the new things out!

Thanks for always being great blog followers… even though this blog doesn’t really exist anymore…

:) -S

[new: over there]


In hopes that the long-time TWAY readers are actually taking to heart this “blog transition”, I’m going to remind you that this WordPress blog is going to keep pretty quiet from now on. Again I will lead you over to the biz blog where I’ve been posting lots of pretty NEW stuff. View all the pretties here >>  This World Around You.

Fall proved to be a good season for my little photo business, so I’ll be focusing on that blog from now on. I have lots to share with you. Subscribe through Google Reader or email to keep up.

It means a lot that you are still checking this blog, but remember, it’s going to be quiet, so if you like me/what I do, follow the other one!

Did I repeat myself enough?!





In an effort to streamline/consolidate all the million blogs I have, today’s FYI inspiration post is over on the bizblog. Keep looking for things like this. I have a feeling this little corner of the internet will be closing soon, due to a move. Why? Well, it’s been almost 4 years over here. Awesome, I’ve LOVED every second, but my picture space is running out unless I upgrade, but since I already own and pay for the other blog/URL, might as well move things over there, yes?
But hold up. It ain’t the end here yet. Just giving you time to mull things over. And also giving you time to subscribe to the bizblog so you don’t miss a thing. SO. Don’t miss a thing!

[just FYI]


Ya’ll should probably starting following the T.W.A.Y photo blog because a LOT more is happening over there than it is over here.

Also, if you live in Wellesley, today is free burrito day at Boloco on Central Street. So… guess what we’re having for dinner. =)

If you can guess what this picture is of… you win a hug.



[rainbow autumn]


I love how colorful the world is right now.

From my run yesterday around Waban Pond.

[mini sessions & future homes]


— If you’re interested in a fun and significantly discounted photo shoot with your family, T.W.A.Y is offering Autumn Mini Sessions this year! Short & sweet info is below or check out this blog post for the whole shebang.

— Regarding the knit hat & quilt – We have volunteers for each! Thanks so much, friends. I knew I could count on you.

— If you need some yummy food inspiration… go here: Desserts for Breakfast — I drool every time.

— The more Nathaniel & I watch HGTV the more we dislike our apartment. Not that it’s a BAD aartment, but there are definitely a few quirks we’d like to change. But we CAN’T because we rent! So I’ve put together a Pinterest board of what I’d like our someday-home to potentially look and feel like. I can’t use that site to plan a wedding anymore, so I guess it’s on to the next big thing??

— Speaking of future homes & HGTV, it’s so weird/unfair that the same amount of money that can buy a huge house in Utah (or somewhere random) will only buy a one car garage in New England. I don’t understand that.

Anyways, Happy Thursday!


Thought check.


[12 feet] fall “style”



Fall is here, as you can see. Fazing out sandals, embracing BOOTS. Love it.

I also love running in the fall because I can crunch the leaves like an 8 year old. =)

*** Update on this post ***I don’t need a knitted hat anymore, some glorious bloggity reader has already claimed that! So! Just a patchwork blanket/quilt (either will do)! I KNOW quilts take a long time, so if no one is really up for that challenge, I can start looking around on the interwebs. Or if someone has an old one or is looking to get rid of a quilt, I’ll take that too! Remember: BRIGHT and colorful.

Gosh maybe I should just make my own! Hmm… probs not gonna happen.